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The evolution of dashboards

Finding insights in dashboards is hard. It’s not always easy to know where to look, what to compare, or what action to take. By using the power of AI, Grizzly helps you filter through the noise to quickly hone in on the most valuable information.

No more manually hunting insights. No more missing important information. No more wasting time in dashboards.

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The power of an analyst at your fingertips

As SaaS teams grow, the amount of data collected from different sources increases rapidly. Pulling this information together to provide strategic insight quickly becomes cumbersome.

Is your home page hurting your signups? Or is there a hidden pattern in your churn that you can leverage to improve retention? Grizzly can alert you to these insights in real-time, so you’re focusing on what matters.

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Discover how Grizzly can help

Actionable Insights

Across your entire business to help you grow recurring revenue

Answer hard questions

Google-like search that provides simple answers to the tough questions

Automate your metrics

Track financial, sales, and marketing metrics all in one place

No Code

Integrates with your tech stack in minutes

Get started in 3 easy steps!

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Choose your data sources

Billing, CRM, Google Analytics, and more

We import your data

Encrypted end-to-end and stored on Azure

Explore your insights

Delivered in a news feed, Slack, or email

15 min

Grizzly works with your entire stack

Import data from across your entire business. Connect your CRM, Google Analytics, Marketing Automation, and Subscription Management tools.

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Grizzly’s billing insights helped me identify cost savings of $15k

Russell Senior Account Manager

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